Introducing the Dental Pod and Hobart Dentist Dr. Dirk Jacobsen
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Introducing Hobart Dentist Dr. Dirk Jacobsen of the Dental Pod

The Dental Pod is a modern, state of the art surgery situated in the heart of the CBD at 99 Bathurst Street and is owner and operated by Dr. Dirk Jacobsen.

I have over 20 years of experience as a Dentist, first qualifying in Germany in 1990 and later moving to Tasmania 11 years ago with my wife Laura, where I continue to practice.

We have created a very unique and bespoke dental surgery. During planning and construction we had to overcome many design and environmental challenges, one being the shape and size of the premises, it is out of the ordinary and has a very compact footprint.

Our Architects, Morrison and Breytenbach came up with the fantastic design, resulting in an environment full of light and a natural feel.

It is befitting of the space and architecture that we called our new surgery the “Pod”. Not only does it suit the premises but is an acronym for a “Point Of Difference”.

Our main point of difference at the Pod is to maintain a strict amalgam free and amalgam safe practice.During the removal of old amalgam fillings dangerous mercury is emitted and this is why removal must be done with the utmost of care.

When I recognised that removing old amalgam fillings produced mercury vapour and particles I set about looking into how to work more safely. It was a long and evolved process which began by understanding and designing a safer work and medical space through to implementing a strict working protocol when removing old amalgam fillings – all of which reduce the exposure of toxic mercury to the patient, the staff and the environment.

To limit any mercury exposure everyone wears protective disposable gowns, the patient is given a separate oxygen supply and the staff wear mercury vapour masks and a special mercury filter vacuum is placed over the patient to further ventilate the room. These precautions ensure that no toxic mercury vapour is inhaled.

During the removal procedure a rubber dam and a high volume suction tube is placed over the tooth to protect the patient from ingesting amalgam particles.

I use a particular slow speed drilling technique when removing old amalgam fillings to ensure that the fillings are removed in chunks rather than ground into a sludge.

And finally a special separator catches and collects the waste amalgam before it enters the waterways ensuring that toxic mercury does not end up in our oceans.

It has always been important to me, especially within dentistry that I understand  what my environmental impact as a practitioner is and therefore act with conscience.

In times where the health and dental industry is moving toward corporatisation i’ve decided to remain independent – therefore, the Dental Pod is not owned by a corporation or a health insurance company but is Tasmanian owned and operated.  I know, as a practitioner, I can provide the very best dentistry and service to my clients by not having to answer to a corporate entity or their share holders.

Our primary goal is to build trust through long term relationships with or clients, putting the patient first and offering the highest possible standards of care.

Our staff, Georgia, Lisa and Lauren are all very experienced, caring and warm hearted nurses who help to make patients comfortable and ease any nerves.

We offer instant health fund claims with HICAPS for ALL Health Insurance providers.

Parking is easy at the Dental Pod as we are conveniently adjoined to the Melville Street car park and directly linked by an undercover walkway. The first 1.5 hours are free.

Our books are open and we welcome all patients.

Because it’s time to think differently about your dental health.

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