Dental Health Insurance – Why are you not a preferred provider ?
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Dental Health Insurance – Why are you not a preferred provider ?

In recent years, dental health insurance rebates have failed to keep pace with the costs associated with dental care – including the range of claimable services within a calendar year becoming more restricted. The outcome – dissatisfied and disillusioned health fund customers.

In an attempt to regulate cost blowouts and stem drop out, health funds are actively engaging health care providers, including dentists, on a contractual basis in an attempt to maintain the profitable side of health insurance, namely ancillary care.

By becoming a preferred provider, the dentist agrees to accept the terms and fees set out by the respective health fund, in-turn guaranteeing the customer a fixed and predictable treatment gap – but at what expense ?

As part of contractual obligations, the dentist may have the health provider dictate to them your terms of care.

Also, the preferred provider scheme removes the client’s rights to have their treatment performed by the clinician of their choice. They assume that all dental providers are the same and that the only factor influencing patient choice is “cost”. This type of thinking does not include the complex dentist-patient relationship, one of fostering trust, quality and care.

As it stands, the preferred provider system risks rising fees and a continued drop in dental standards whilst treatment failure and patient dissatisfaction increase.

At the Dental Pod, a highly skilled and trained dentist, with your consent will decide your dental care. We will not reduce the time spent on your procedure, utilise cheaper materials, reduce techniques and infrastructure or employ fewer, often less experienced staff just to meet the requirements set out by a Health Insurance Provider.

Trust, care and quality is paramount in dentistry and this is why Dr. Jacobsen will remain a committed Non-Preferred Provider and continue to accept all health funds equally.

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