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Hobart Dentist – Dr. Dirk Jacobsen and his team at the Dental Pod.

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Dr. Dirk Jacobsen is the owner and sole practitioner of the Dental Pod, a boutique dental surgery in the heart of Hobart’s CBD. The name Dental Pod describes the compact and funky space the surgery inhabits and the word “Pod” is an acronym for “Point Of Difference”.

At the Dental Pod we don’t just say that we are different, we actually do things differently. One of Dirk’s differences has been to buck the trend of becoming a big and impersonal surgery.

The health and dental health industry is becoming heavily corporatised with many surgeries now owned by corporations and health insurance companies. It seems the prevailing belief today is that more is better – more production, more patients, more volume and larger offices.

This is definitely not our style at the Dental Pod. We will deliberately remain small and intimate so that we can offer you  an unrushed and personalized style of dental care. Your health is very important to us and that is why we will give you the space and time for us to get to know one another.

The Dental Pod is an integrative Dental Surgery, providing a mercury amalgam free and mercury amalgam safe clinical environment. Dirk uses special techniques when removing mercury amalgam and follows a very strict protocol, one that protects the patient, the staff and the environment from toxic waste mercury.

The issue of mercury amalgam contamination and waste disposal is possibly the most significant environmental factor facing any dental practice and that is why it is so very important that as Dentists we move towards more environmental and people friendly methods and materials

The construction and build of the Dental Pod surgery was established with great care and consideration for the health of the patient, staff and environment. We took what is a rather small and oddly shaped premises’, the “Pod”, and repurposed it. Aside from the aesthetic considerations at the practice, foremost was the environmental footprint of the dental surgery.

The Dental Pod is located in a very central part of Hobart’s CBD. We are at street level in the Emily Dobson Building at 99 Bathurst Street, opposite the landmark Playhouse Theatre. Conveniently we are co-joined by the undercover walkway from Hobart’s Central Car Park, offering 1.5 hours of free parking.

The face of dentistry is changing, not just because of snazzy new equipment but primarily because of the practitioner’s approach to patient health. We are very proud of our surgery and our staff’s dedication in providing Tasmanians with the kind of dental service they desire.

Isn’t it time you thought differently about your dental health?

Come and discover the difference at the Dental Pod.

Call us today to achieve a safer, healthier and more beautiful smile.


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Dr. Dirk Jacobsen trained and graduated in Hamburg, Germany in 1990 and relocated to Tasmania in 2007. Dirk has been an owner and Principal Dentist of private practices in both Germany and Australia.

Dirk’s move to Hobart, some 9 years ago was driven by his desire to live and work in a place of beauty. “It’s important to me to know that I am taking care of Tasmania’s clean and green image while also providing the same thought, intention and continuity of care to the people of Tasmania”.

During Dirk’s training and practice in Hamburg, Germany he began to practice an integrated style of dentistry. His understanding continues to deepen daily about the affects of environmental toxins on the human body and how subtle changes in a patient’s nutrition and lifestyle has a positive change to that person’s dental health and overall wellbeing.

Dirk Jacobsen


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