Mouth guards, Nightguards, Splints

Mouth guards are commonly used when playing high-contact sports and are designed to protect your teeth and mouth from impact injuries. A custom made mouth guard ensures a perfect fit and prevents the guard from shifting around in your mouth during activity and offers the maximum level of protection and comfort.

To fabricate a custom-fitted mouth guard Dr. Dirk Jacobsen will take an impression of your teeth as this allows him to accurately assess your mouth and provide you with the best fit, size coverage and thickness required for your teeth.

Contact the Dental Pod today to arrange a custom mouth guard to protect your teeth.

Night guards or splints are dental devices that are designed to be worn while sleeping to protect your teeth and relieve jaw joint pain from habits such as clenching and grinding.

Dr. Dirk Jacobsen can advise you if a night guard or splint is appropriate for your condition and fit and measure you for a one that is just right for you – call 03 6234 5114

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