Root Canal Treatment

One reason associated with extreme tooth pain is when the nerve inside a tooth is dying. When this occurs there are only two options available for the tooth: Extraction or Root Canal.

Performing a root canal allows us to keep a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. Understanding the two options placed before you can help you to make a more informed decision about keeping your tooth or extracting it. Root canal treated teeth can be a cause for concern because it is impossible to kill all the bacteria within the complex root canals system of a tooth and these bacteria can lead to infection.

Conventional dentistry believes that the measure of a successful Root Canal procedure is the cessation of discomfort or pain,  the lack of an abscess or the lack of radiographic signs of pathology. On the other hand, some holistic health professionals believe that Root Canal treated teeth can cause underlying health concerns.

At the Dental Pod each tooth is assessed on its own merit and we will do our best to offer treatment options that look at the big picture. At times we need to take into account that loosing an important tooth can also create negative consequences and for some patients an extraction may not be their preferred option. This is why, after much thought we have decided to continue to offer our patients the choice to save a tooth with a root canal if we feel it is medically appropriate and is what the patient wants.

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