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Why Safe Amalgam Removal is important.

In the last 160 years silver dental mercury amalgam has been the most commonly used dental material despite it containing one of the most toxic substances known to man: mercury.  Amalgam dental fillings consist of 50% mercury yet mercury is known to be a poisonous heavy metal.

Amalgam mercury fillings release small amounts of mercury into the body when:

  • We chew
  • Expose them to heat and / or friction
  • Drinking hot liquids
  • Brushing our teeth or grinding on them
  • Have them unsafely removed by a Dentist

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that there really is no safe level of mercury exposure, nor is there any type of exposure that does no harm – This is why amalgam filling removal needs to be done with great care and skill.

Integrative Dentist, Dr. Dirk Jacobsen of the Dental Pod goes to great lengths to protect You, our Assistants, Himself and the Environment while removing toxic, old, ugly and unwanted amalgam fillings.

It is our promise to you that we will rigorously follow the guidelines established by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) to remove amalgam safely.

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